Paddock Community Trust

Lifelong Learning and Support in Kirklees

Paddock Community Trust: Outreach Programmes

Paddock Community Trust works throughout Kirklees delivering informal sessions to assist members of the community engage with peers, gain employability skills and improve their digital awareness.

UK Online

Paddock Community Trust is a UK Online Centre, part of the UK Online Network. The UK online centres network was set up by government in 1999 to provide public access to computers.

Since then the role of UK online centres has developed to become more about inspiring people to get online, and supporting them to gain the skills and confidence they need to use the internet and to take advantage of online public services.

We believe technology is key in both social inclusion and community development. Our mission is to make good things happen through digital technology, improving individual lives and strengthening local communities.

Tasha Clement: Employment Support Manager

Tasha is theTrust Employment Support Manager overseeing the day to day running of a range of employment support programmes in Kirklees.

An experienced Employment Advisor, having previously worked on the Government initiatives for unemployed people such as New Deal and the Work Programme, Tasha provides information, advice and guidance to communities across Kirklees on benefits, employment, training, volunteering and building a career.