Paddock Community Trust

Lifelong Learning and Support in Kirklees

Thinking of Volunteering?

“As you are reading this you are exploring the idea of becoming a volunteer. Our volunteers are people who have some time to help us make a difference to the lives and prospects of our learners, customers and clients. This is what the Trust is all about. The Trustees, who are responsible for the work of the Trust, are all volunteers. Staff, volunteers and trustees are drawn from many walks of life and age is no barrier.”

Barbara Jones, Trust Secretary

Volunteering Opportunities

As a volunteer at Paddock Community Trust you will be given the opportunity to meet new people and develop your skills. Health and Safety policy applies to all volunteering. Listed here are the different departments we have and the tasks and skills required of the volunteer.

IT Buddies

Volunteering within our IT Buddies team will give you the opportunity to develop your own IT skills whilst supporting others to do likewise. Please note our IT buddies volunteers do not need to know everything about IT. Basic skills are essential and other skills including;

  • Patience and ability to effectively communicate with people
  • Confidence working with individuals/ groups
  • Able to give clear instructions and advice
  • Professional in your approach
  • Respectful of service users

Gardener Volunteer

Volunteering within our gardening team will give you the opportunity to meet new people, develop your horticultural skills and gain experience working on a variety of environmental projects including;

  • Completing manual tasks including weeding, cutting and planting
  • Using a range of hand tools to complete gardening tasks
  • Following instructions
  • Cleaning and maintaining gardening equipment

West View Café

Volunteering within our community café will give you the chance to expand your cooking and customer service skills. You will also experience working within a catering environment.

  • Serving customers, waiting and taking orders
  • Preparing hot drinks using the espresso machine
  • Preparing food and baking
  • Assisting with the organising and creating of events
  • Handling cash and till transactions
  • Cleaning and tidying the kitchen and cafe