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The Monday Mix



Monday Mix, a new weekly social club providing a range of activities and support for carers at Paddock Village Hall, is to be launched in June 2015 and will run for twelve months.

Carer’s break funding has been secured by Paddock Community Trust to offer carer’s and isolated people an opportunity to take part in a programme of weekly activities such as arts workshops, computer training, fitness classes and gardening. Project partners, including Carer’s Count and Cloverleaf Advocacy, will also provide regular advice, information and advocacy support in the Monday Mix project. The funding was awarded by Kirklees Council Community Partnerships.  The activities will take place every Monday and will include a two-course lunch served in the Trust’s community café at Paddock Village Hall.

The aim of the project is to help users feel happier and less isolated, learn new skills, access high-quality advice, participate in a greater range of activities and improve their overall health. The Social Club, running from 10 am – 3.30pm will offer both morning and afternoon activities over the course of a single day. Full use of the Trust’s amenities at the Village Hall will be made including a networked ICT centre, community library, training rooms and the nearby Branch Street Community Allotments. Participants will be free to attend all day or choose to attend either one of the sessions depending on their interests and needs.
For more information about the programme or to join contact Paddock Community Trust on 01484 431400 or email